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Do you really need an attorney for conflicts that have occurred within the family?

Yes!! For family law disputes, an attorney’s contribution is imperative. Family law cases involve competently handling problems that families are confronted in everyday life. Family law attorneys are consulted for ending marriages, resolving conflicts involving children, and other ancillary disputes in Fairfax, VA. Of course, Family Law Attorneys are frequently consulted in Fairfax, VA for contesting the amount of support payments for the spouses and children.

Divorce in Fairfax VA is widely assumed to be a stressful phase of life. If you ask the Family Law Attorney about the veracity of this statement, you will be surprised to be informed otherwise. Your Family Law Attorney will inform you that the stress of ending the relationship in Fairfax VA is generally negligible compared to the tension associated with remaining in a troubled relationship.

To shield oneself from financial insecurity that will probably occur after a frantically obtained divorce, it is important to investigate your spouse’s financial affairs before taking the big decision. The task of gathering proof can be painstaking. If you were searching for proof of pecuniary contributions, bank accounts, credit card statements and other documents involving financial transactions can be helpful. Searching for non-monetary contributions would mean a visit in to the past to put together parts of a puzzle lost long ago. In such situations the advise of the Family Law Attorney proves to be crucial.

At The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. we provide you significant highlights about how courts analyze child custody, support payments to spouses for their maintenance as well as children and other financial issues that are triggered by divorce. At times, though custody conflicts are resolved by court orders, disputes arise in implementing court orders. In these circumstances, consultation with a family law attorney in Fairfax, VA is inevitable.


Why is it important to make a truthful transparent disclosure of your case?

Know from your family law attorney that the ground for a divorce in Fairfax, VA includes adultery, cruelty, desertion, and other grounds mentioned in the VA Family Code. Being honest about all the facts concerning your case will significantly determine whether you obtain a favorable order in Fairfax, VA. It can be detrimental for your case in Fairfax, VA if the opposing counsel cites facts that you concealed from your family law attorney. You may have skipped mentioning such facts for fear of embarrassment or fear that your family law attorney may get judgmental about you. In these circumstances, you need to believe that your family law attorney agrees to represent you to obtain a perfect favorable order in Fairfax, VA, and will not judge you. The job of your family law attorney in Fairfax, VA is defending your case. Bear in mind, a family law attorney can do justice to the job entrusted to him only if you make full and frank disclosure of your version of the facts.

Wrong Decisions By Spouses Due To Emotional Distress

When a marriage is dissolved in Fairfax, VA the parties are torn apart, so are their finances. Your Family Law Attorney will apprise you that the most crucial part of the dissolution of your marriage in Fairfax VA is coming to a consensus about the financial matters involved. In most cases in Fairfax VA, the parties are driven by emotions and tend to take the wrong decisions. In their anxiety and stress, they fail to take worthy counsel from experienced Family Law Attorney and act on provocation. When you give up on the relationship, you tend to believe nothing else matters and you make the mistake of waiving property and support claims. Believe us!! Life is not going to be as static as you believe it is going to be. This life-altering decision will definitely lead you to financial instability and you will regret the decisions you had not taken. Be cautious and make prudent judgments with the able guidance of proficient family law attorneys in Fairfax, VA.

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Particularly, in cases involving adultery, the anger and bitterness are overwhelming and the spouse who has been cheated just wants to end the relationship. Without much thought about financial implications, these spouses irrationally waive most of their rights.

Divorce in Fairfax, VA brings unmanageable financial uncertainties. Family Law Attorney will apprise you of their experience in assisting clients in Fairfax VA who have been left penniless after the dissolution of marriage. Your Family Law Attorney will repeatedly aver that property division and fair distribution of income is crucial for divorce in Fairfax VA.

Family Law - Negotiation of divorce terms – is that a possibility?

You will be relieved to know that the negotiation of divorce terms is a preferred option. Some clients do not prefer fighting the divorce battle in courts. They choose to mediate post-divorce settlements instead of aggressively litigating the issues in courts. The Family Law Attorney will reveal that for spouses who have had enough abuse from the marriage, meeting the spouse repeatedly at court hearings in Fairfax, VA can be really painful. They would prefer negotiating all aspects of the divorce out-of-court through their Family Law attorneys instead of revisiting past events during the trial in Fairfax, VA.

Family law issues can be sorted out by transparent negotiation between the parties. There are different ways by which all relevant aspects can be accurately resolved. Parties may prefer discussing the problematic issues by themselves and arriving at settlements as to what is best suited for their case. Be warned by the family law attorneys practising in Fairfax, VA that such agreements tend to be the most imperfect ones.

The family attorney will apprise you that these deals are made by the parties during those hours when they are not at peace. In such an unstable state of mind, the parties in Fairfax, VA tend to overlook important subjects that will determine their financial stability after the separation. Such issues include just division of financial resources including property and other high-value assets. Clients in Fairfax, VA often claim to their family law attorneys that after the separation, the parties had actually divided their assets informally. However, after the expiry of some months from the separation, one party strongly opines that the division was unjust. These clients in Fairfax VA approach family attorneys to undo what has been done.

The family law attorneys will state from their experience in Fairfax, VA that clients who had previously decided the separation and agreed to the informal division of assets have been rudely awakened with the passage of time and the accompanying financial insecurity. On analyzing the situation after the heat of the moment has passed, the client is often shocked to realize that he/she has been duped in to agreeing to an unjust arrangement. This is where the role of a family attorney is required. This situation can be remedied only if the spouses had orally agreed to the division and there is no written separation agreement.

These instances would provide you an enlightened idea as to the financial disasters that are prone to occur if one proceeds to address post-divorce concerns without professional assistance. If post-separation aspects in Fairfax VA have been agreed based on skilled assistance by a family law attorney, you will be presented with the best separation solutions and you will have no issue to regret in the future. Your family law attorney will make sure that the post-divorce aspects are resolved with a perfect separation agreement in Fairfax VA drafted in impeccably.


Family law attorneys are extra-cautious in custody issues. For clients losing child custody battles in Fairfax, VA can be extremely depressing. Clients in Fairfax, VA often stress the importance of obtaining custody to their family law attorneys. Neither the time spent in courts nor the expenses involved in litigation would compel clients in Fairfax, VA to compromise on custody issues. In such situations, the family law attorneys make an in-depth analysis of the case to conceive concrete arguments that would prompt the family law court to enter a favorable custody award.

The Family Law Attorney will disclose that they have encountered cases in Fairfax, VA where clients fight the custody battle to merely satisfy their ego. Losing custody can be ego-shattering. Be it for the child’s interests or for the parent’s ego, obtaining expert guidance is vital. Bear in mind that retaining the best attorneys for your child custody case can ensure perfect custody awards.

For professional guidance on child custody disputes, take the reliable assistance of the Family Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

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Can child custody orders be altered in Fairfax, VA?

The family law attorneys are frequently asked to explain about custody award modification in Fairfax, VA. Clients innocently believe that custody awards once ordered remain permanent. Consulting family law attorneys will clarify the exact position of the law in this regard. You will be delighted to know that custody orders are indeed modifiable in Fairfax, VA.

You may be wondering what can lead to such modification. Be informed from your Family Law Attorney that if circumstance change can be proved, court orders modification in Fairfax, VA. Change in circumstance can include the following:

  • The former spouse/custodial parent has a new live-in partner spending nights at the home
  • The former spouse/custodial parent has suddenly developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • The other parent is now married and can take better care of the child
  • The non-custodial parent has completed the course at the de-addiction center and has been drug-free for a specified period of time making him/her eligible to claim custody
  • The non-custodial parent has better living arrangements and can provide better accommodation than the custodial parent
  • The custodial parent has lost his/her job and is unable to cater to the child’s needs
  • The work schedule of the custodial parent has changed and has negatively affected the time spent with the child
  • The work timing of the non-custodial parent is now child-friendly
  • The non-custodial parent has thoroughly addressed the concerns that lead to custody being granted to the custodial parent
  • There is an agreement that was made part of the divorce decree and the custodial parent has violated the terms of the agreement

And the list goes on and on, modification can be sought for any change in circumstances in Fairfax, VA. All that matters is the circumstances under which the original award was entered no longer exists, there is a substantial change. The nature of the change is such that modification of custody is warranted. If you intend to file for custody order modification, obtain assistance from the proficient family law attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. practicing in Fairfax, VA.


A Family Law Attorney will provide information as to which asset is considered by the Courts for the property division after a divorce in Fairfax VA. Spouses are increasingly apprehensive about sharing the property acquired before marriage without any contribution from the current spouse. Keep your fears aside!! Your Family Law Attorney at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will provide you a clear picture about fair property division in Fairfax VA.

A proficient Family Law Attorney will elucidate that there are some factors the courts consider before ordering equitable distribution in Fairfax, VA. The court considers how the spouses have contributed to the marriage. Contributions made in terms of money as well as contributions that cannot be valued in terms of money are considered in Fairfax, VA. The Family Law Attorney will apprise you that the term contribution is interpreted in a broad manner and includes contributions to the marriage as well as the marital property. Other important considerations are the period of the marriage, the age of the parties, and their health conditions. The complexities of property division in Fairfax, VA increase proportionately with the length of the marriage.

Your family law attorney will also update that the court also decides equitable distribution issues by examining the circumstances that lead to divorce. An experienced Family Law Attorney will apprise you that the Court in Fairfax VA discusses whether the marital asset was used to acquire separate assets or for any other non-marital purpose. Know from the Family Law Attorney at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. that another crucial question deliberated by the Court in Fairfax VA is whether the dissipation of marital funds occurred after the parties’ separation.


It is but natural for circumstances to change after a divorce. There may be situations where you would like to modify your orders. At such times, it is recommended to talk to a family lawyer in Fairfax VA and find out about the possibility of modifying the existing order. Though, the process may not be as simple as it looks. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have immense experience in handling modifications to spousal and child support or custody matters. Our family lawyers in Fairfax VA chalk out the ideal plan to modify your post-divorce orders.

The Family Law Attorney you consult for your divorce in Fairfax VA will inform you that the process may seem complex but transparent and accurate inputs from you can make the whole process simple. Your Family Law Attorney will inform you that the court in Fairfax VA emphasizes the following issues when dividing property between the spouses in a divorce:

  • The legal title of the asset is determined
  • The ownership and value of the asset is analyzed
  • The nature of the asset whether it is tangible or intangible and whether it is real or personal
  • The significant determination is whether the asset is a marital asset or separate asset

Your Family Law Attorney will update that the most confusing aspect is regarding part separate and part marital property in Fairfax VA.


The court evaluates the total marital debts. Clients in Fairfax VA often ask the Family Attorney as to which date is considered by the court to evaluate to total debts, whether it is the date of hearing or date of separation or any other specific date.

An efficient Family Law Attorney will apprise you that the relevant date is the date of separation in Fairfax VA. Your Family Law Attorney will also take the effort to explain the logic behind fixing the date of separation as the date of valuing the debts because till the date of separation, the parties are considered to be married and all debts accrued till that date are considered as marital debts.

The attorney in Fairfax VA you consult will notify that any debts accrued by either spouse after the date of separation are considered the separate debts of the accruing party.

A richly experienced Family Law Attorney will tell you that the concept of equitable distribution in Fairfax VA tends to get complicated if any of the following incidents have occurred:

  • One of the parties have intended the separation to be permanent and the value of the debt has increased in the period between the separation date and the court hearing date
  • One of the parties have intended the separation to be permanent and the value of the debt has decreased in the period between the separation date and the court hearing date

Your skilled Family Law Attorney will advise you that the appropriate action in such circumstances in Fairfax VA is requesting a different valuation date.


The Family Law Attorney will acquaint you with the standard of proof required in such complicated divorce cases in Fairfax, VA. There are three elements required for proving the change in nature of the property from separate to marital:

  • Non-Owning spouse made significant contributions
  • Such a contribution was made during the marriage
  • Such contribution has increased the value of the property

If you are the owning spouse and are faced with the situation where your spouse is claiming your separate asset to be marital in Fairfax, VA, do not get perplexed!! Obtain the assistance of a skilled Family Law Attorney in Fairfax, VA. Your Fairfax Attorney in VA will familiarize you with the law and how to counter the contentions of your spouse in the divorce case in Fairfax, VA.

Be informed by your Divorce Attorney in Fairfax, VA that the only way to prove that the asset has not lost its separate nature is gathering sufficient evidence that the increase was not due to the personal efforts of the non-owning spouse. An aggressive Family Law Attorney in Fairfax, VA will corroborate this contention in court and will successfully obtain an order affirming the separate nature of the asset.

Remember – Understanding the law in VA is critical. Call our attorneys today for help – 888-437-7747.


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