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Speaking to family lawyers in Virginia about your personal problems is like therapy. It serves a dual purpose. Such frank discussions with your lawyers not only helps them prepare the appropriate solutions for you, it also allows you to vent out your emotions. Not all lawyers take the time to speak to you. This makes it all the more important for you to choose lawyers in Virginia who can discuss your case with you. Maintaining confidentiality is crucial for family matters. This requires you to find lawyers who are reliable and can maintain confidentiality.

We, at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have years of experience in providing simple solutions for complex family disputes. Contact our lawyers for your pressing family matters in Virginia.


Cases involving family law in Virginia are complex as they deal with sensitive issues like divorce and child custody. Primarily, family matters are difficult to understand as emotions are involved. These matters should be sensitively handled because in family matters we are not dealing with two companies, we are dealing with family members. These parties have shared a close bond in the past and are knocking on the courts’ doors due to disputes that have arisen. Family lawyers in Virginia will apprise you that in divorce proceedings, issues involving child custody, child support, or spousal support are crucial. For any problem relating to family law issues in Virginia, you may contact our skilled lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our lawyers are well acquainted with the law and procedure in family matters in Virginia courts and can assist you with adept assistance for your complex case.
Divorce Lawyer Virginia


The family lawyers in Virginia opine that divorce affects clients both financially and emotionally. To practically understand the repercussions of divorce, clients are advised to seek the counsel of lawyers in Virginia before initiating the divorce proceedings. The family lawyers in Virginia will provide comprehensive explanations about the different grounds for divorce. It can be highly beneficial for the client to obtain practical inputs from family lawyers in Virginia on how the court decides allegations of adultery, cruelty, desertion, and incompatibility issues between the married couple.

To know more about the different stages involved in a court contested divorce, contact the professional family lawyers at The Law Office of SRIS, P.C., and get acquainted with how the Virginia courts proceed with divorce complaints.


The family lawyers in Virginia state that in recent times divorce has been caused due to financial reasons. The undeniable truth is that it is expensive to live a married life in Virginia. The Family Lawyers in Virginia will inform you that there is a difference in taxes paid by married people in Virginia. Clients lose certain benefits provided by the government after marriage. This loss of benefits substantially modifies the standard of living of the spouse before and after the marriage.

The family lawyers in Virginia will update you that one of the said benefits provided by the government to the people of Virginia is Medicaid. To be eligible for this benefit, the beneficiary should earn less than the specified minimum as per government norms. If the income of the applicant is more than the specified minimum, he/she is not eligible to avail of this benefit. The Family lawyers in Virginia will apprise you that the crucial eligibility norm for this scheme may not be fulfilled when a beneficiary gets married. With marriage, the income of the spouse is taken into account which leads to the possibility of losing this benefit.

If you are concerned about how your finances will be affected by your marriage in Virginia, speak to the proficient family lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., and rest assured that you have approached the right professionals.



Fixing an appointment with your family lawyer before deciding about marriage termination is essential. Get all your doubts about the proceedings clarified including an estimate about the total cost involved. Also, you can check with your attorney about the time taken for obtaining the final decree.

Finance is a general subject of disagreement between the parties in a Virginia divorce. Frequent quarrels over funds lead the couple to take the crucial divorce decision. As money is a tricky subject, it is not easy to take a stand on the monetary aspects of divorce, such as property division and spousal support.

Family lawyers apprise that couples in Virginia are often forced to settle for unfair agreements to prevent frequent visits to courts. Speaking to family lawyers in Virginia before taking the crucial decision of divorce enhances your confidence levels. By consulting the family lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. you will be advised about the perfect strategies for your divorce in Virginia.


Be apprised by your family lawyers in Virginia that at the core of each divorce proceeding, there are several concerns like property and debt division, support payments for children and spouses. When parties decide to enter into an agreement without contesting the allegations in court, an uncontested divorce is initiated. The family lawyers in Virginia will indicate to you that the uncontested divorce process does not involve deliberating the issues in court. This method is preferred by the couple who do not want to discuss the controversial events that have resulted in the dissolution. The family lawyers in Virginia will update you that the settlement agreement is made part of the final divorce decree. In these uncontested divorces, the court generally approves the agreement unless the facts and circumstances indicate clearly that the agreement has been drafted arbitrarily or that one of the parties has been unfairly affected by the clauses. The lawyers in Virginia will notify you that in cases where both spouses are employed, there are no children and no significant property issues to be determined, uncontested divorces are most preferred. Be apprised by the family lawyers in Virginia that uncontested divorces can be quick and easy to obtain in cases with no major controversial issues.


The family lawyers in Virginia will inform you that each case has its distinct issues and require unique resolving methods. A divorce case without children and property issues can be preferably resolved by uncontested divorce if the parties intend to mutually end the marriage. However, the family lawyers in Virginia will apprise you that uncontested divorce is not always the best choice. If both parties have several allegations against each other and do not want to proceed with a mutual dissolution of marriage, uncontested divorce is not the right choice. The family lawyers in Virginia will caution about the situation where the parties are not compatible to even discuss the issues at hand to arrive at a postnuptial agreement. In such cases, uncontested divorce should not be filed. In cases where one party is dictating all the terms, uncontested dissolution is not considered appropriate. With this discussion, it can be seen that though uncontested divorce is advantageous, it is not advisable for certain circumstances.


In recent times, marital agreements have gained popularity. Family lawyers in Virginia are often approached for advice on drafting premarital agreements before marriage. If matters have gone out of hand in the marriage, clients seek guidance from family lawyers on what clauses the post-marital agreement should include. In these circumstances where severe controversies have arisen between the couple, the parties often regret not having entered into an agreement before the marriage. Left with no other choice, the parties now want to make sure they have a concrete separation agreement to rely on for all issues that may crop up post-divorce.

Such separation agreements drafted by the family lawyers in Virginia cover all controversial issues such as property division and spousal support. Be updated by family lawyers in Virginia that postnuptial agreements in Virginia take effect as soon as they are executed. There are many reasons why a couple might want to execute a postnuptial agreement. After all these years of marriage, extreme differences of opinion may have arisen between the couple. There are cases where the financial situation of the parties has changed. The family lawyers in Virginia will relate that such a change in financial condition may be due to one party’s promotion to a senior level with several incentives.


Know from family lawyers in Virginia that a judicial settlement conference is one of the methods of resolving the differences between the couple and to settle the issues amicably. You will be surprised to know from family lawyers in Virginia that the time consumed in resolving the issues and the amount spent on the marriage dissolution through the judicial settlement conference is quite economical as compared to the settling divorce in court. The first step to resolve the divorce through a judicial settlement conference is selecting a retired judge for your divorce. These conference sessions resemble mediation with the difference that the one mediating your differences is a retired judge. When you select the judge, you should bear in mind that the judge’s residence should be close to the place where the conference will be held.

The family lawyers in Virginia will relate to you that if the parties are not able to agree on the judge who will mediate their case, the court selects a retired judge for the case. On such reference being made, parties wait for approval from the concerned judge. The judge and the parties’ family lawyers will decide on a date for the conference. Know from divorce lawyers in Virginia that at the conference, the parties present their versions of the case and make requests about what they expect in the outcome. Both parties and their family lawyers negotiate and renegotiate the case to arrive at a mediated settlement.


Be informed by family lawyers in Virginia that the division of assets is a critical part of divorce proceedings. For the practical aspects of property division, couples in Virginia often seek the advice of family lawyers. The family lawyers in Virginia will caution as to how certain choices made in a divorce can influence the client’s financial future. Therefore it is always advisable to seek legal guidance to settle on choices that are to the client’s greatest advantage.

One issue present in many divorces is how to manage the family home. To obtain expert assistance for this controversial aspect of divorce, it is advisable to consult family lawyers in Virginia. The marital home is close to the heart of both parties. When parties are unable to agree about how to divide their interests in the marital home, the divorce gets complicated. It might be enticing to battle like there’s no tomorrow but in reality; such a battle can be emotionally draining. For issues concerning the marital home, family lawyers in Virginia discuss with clients about initial costs and mortgage payments made on the home.


Be apprised by family lawyers in Virginia that a divorce has the effect of completely transforming one’s life. You can no longer afford the standard of living you were used to before the divorce. The standard of living during marriage is a subject that substantially influences the divorce decree and spousal support payments.

Importance of Standard of Living in the marriage termination process

The Family lawyers in Virginia will relate to you that standard of living refers to the luxuries one is provided during the marriage. Though there is no hard and fast rule to determine the standard of living before marriage. Know from family lawyers in Virginia that the living expense incurred by the family during the marriage is an accurate indication of the kind of life one is used to during the marriage.

The standard of living quantifies the material aspects of the spouses’ shared coexistence. For instance, while evaluating the standard of living, family lawyers in Virginia will consider the nature of the home, the discretionary cash flow accessible to the spouse, or even measure of investment funds the life partners set aside during the marriage. The food expenditure, vacation expenditure, the brand of vehicles, the location of the marital home, and other such factors provide a fair idea about the standard of living during the marriage.

Evaluating standard of living of the couple

Contingent upon the length of the marriage, clients become used to a specific way of life. The family lawyers in Virginia will update you that one of the objectives of a divorce is allowing the parties to maintain as much as reasonably possible the same standard of living even after the dissolution of the marriage. Due to this reason, the standard of living of the parties plays a substantial role in determining spousal support payments.

Consult family lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to arrive at a thorough understanding of the effect the parties’ standard of living has on determination spousal support payments.


The family lawyers in Virginia will caution you that when you and your spouse have decided to proceed with the divorce, your children are sure to torment you with several uncomfortable questions. Your lawyers will explain to you that there is no point blaming them, they are too innocent to comprehend the events before the divorce.

Regardless of whether you have already informed your children about the dispute with your spouse or are in the process of finding a way to update them about the harsh reality of divorce, keep the following points by lawyers in mind:

  • Your children are likely to question you as to whether they can continue to love the other parent. The family lawyers in Virginia tell clients that the most prominent question, children ask divorcing parents is whether it would be wrong to remain affectionate with the other parent. The straightforward advice from the family lawyers in Virginia is to abstain from messing with this perspective about your former spouse. At this point, you need to take a stand and clarify that the other parent is loveable and the divorce does not impact his/her relationship with the child in any manner.
  • Your child will have his/her own doubts as to whether both the parents hate each other. As a responsible parent, you are burdened with the obligation to communicate to the child that though both of you care for each other, remaining together is quite challenging due to the difference of opinion that has cropped up.

The family lawyers in Virginia will narrate to you stories of children desperately hoping for normalcy and getting depressed when the separated parents refuse to reunite. Therefore, it is important to let the minor child know that the parents have separated for the common good of the family. For immediate solutions for complex child custody issues contact the Virginia lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

We, at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Virginia have years of experience in simplifying the complex issues of our clients. Contact us for your family matters in VA.


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